Waxing Poetic creations are a distinctive blend of poetry, playfullness and style.
With iconic jewelry collections like The Extraordinaries™, Kristal™, and Poetic Hearts™,
we invite you to grow with us in this timeless world of wonder.

Each creation of ours, whether jewelry or experiences, is a talisman for cultivating
openness, connection and expression––
necessary qualities for the new world we are building.

Waxing Poetic
Waxing Poetic
Waxing Poetic
Waxing Poetic
Waxing Poetic

live in wonder

"At Waxing Poetic, we create jewelry that helps you feel connected.I want to inspire your spirit by offering pieces that empower you to open up to the wonder of your wild and precious life."

Patti Pagliei, Founder & Designer


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