With Colette Consentino

To mark our 20th Anniversary we are launching a limited edition collection featuring six different gift boxes, each wrapped in artwork by Colette Cosentino and holding its own poetic message inside. Like our signature blue boxes, these anniversary boxes complete the gifting experience, and are really a gift unto themselves. A treasure to hold all your treasures.


"In the stillness of lockdown, we longed for collaboration like this, to re-emerge with something meaningful for our customers—a gift to remind us of all the wonder that is ours here, together. I have been a fan of Colette's work for a long time. When you walk into her studio, it's like entering a world of wonder. Her work is truly magical—it just whisks you away in its dreaminess and detail. When Colette answered excitedly about the idea of collaborating, I got to work on the delicious task of choosing 6 of my favorite artworks from her archive to create the grouping." - Patti Pagliei, WP Founder, CEO & Creative Director.



A celebrated artist by both Santa Barbara locals and by many in the global elite design community, Colette has had a 30 year career as an artist, creating murals and wall coverings as well as paintings, illustrations and drawings. She works in her flagship art atelier and gallery in downtown Santa Barbara, CA, where she creates and exhibits her work.


Colette's narrative paintings are intended to captivate the viewer in such a way that they experience their own sort of inspiration: "I am often inspired by the feeling that something wonderful is going to happen. Having my work in the hands of so many who will receive these boxes is just that—something wonderful."


"I am so inspired by Patti, and Waxing Poetic designs are so on point with my own work. It's been a joy to collaborate in such a way and the boxes turned out so beautifully. We've really created something special. It is such a natural alchemy, and I can't wait to hear how people experience these little treasures." - Colette Cosentino


"The photoshoot at the studio was so fun, it really felt like we were shooting for the cover of Rolling Stone. Kim Reierson is an amazing photographer and easy to pose for." - CC


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