Design Inspiration: Introducing the Melange Collection

Feel free to play. 

It takes such bravery and freedom to allow the abstract to become something real. This notion is at the heart of the our new Melange collection.

Inspired by one of Patti's favorite abstract works of art, "Lavendar Mist" by Jackson Pollock, the collection's gestural forms and colors dance and play, celebrating the divine and the imperfect, and inspiring us to do more of the same. What feels like an accident is actually just un-edited art making: a flow, a kind of channeled movement, by our own hand (and we get out of the way).melange collection waxing poetic melange pendant waxing poetic melange band waxing poeticHave fun. Do it now. Wear with joy. Be brave. Play more!




- October 17, 2020

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