Bee Brave

Early scetches of the Bee Brave Pendant

Bee Brave.

(inspired by Baroque-ness but also process…bees are also process…) Bees and Baroque…what might they have in common? Hmmm…artistry, intricate elements, an almost compulsive attention to detail, and somehow tying all the output together, a sense of order. Caused by many many tiny actions, and tiny pieces, and tiny particulars. Like anything good, and frequently, like anything unsung. And so we’d like to take the occasion to celebrate a hybrid of the two: a reminder that regardless of scale or size, change happens beautifully, and with great care.

Bee Brave Pendant

Bee Brave Pendant sketches showing details of the intricate design

Change is brave. And lovely. And made from and with many elements—many little buzzing parts, many threads, many origin points, and some unknowns. Interwoven threads of metal made into a stronger, more malleable ribbon ­—a method of storytelling predicated on diversity? Yes. Quite.

Finished Bee Brave Pendant

Finished Bee Brave Pendant

And the glimmering? Oh yes. Look, ‘Baroque Pearls,’ the kind that we’re using here, are known for their singularities. They don’t conform to any one set of standards.

They happen, like all pearls, by accident (an oyster taken off guard, a grain of sand or something, a period of time and BOOM: a pearl) – but this kind of incident is distinct – it doesn't follow a pattern, although they evoke all sorts of sources, like any of us – made from an array of backstories and becauses and utterly, utterly beautiful in our intricacies. Like bees and honey and sweetness and magic. It’s all interrelated.

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Meet Victoria. Victoria loves a lot of things: Laughing, her yellow lab Jack, her job in the fashion industry, good food, running, her doting husband, Russell and most of all being a new mom to her 6 week old son Dylan. I snapped this photo of Victoria and Dylan at the beach just before his arrival. Her necklace caught my eye, and when I asked to see it up close, she held it so perfectly over her pregnant belly; I had to snap a shot. Months before, Victoria’s husband came to me wanting to commemorate their first Mother’s Day as a family with a piece of Waxing Poetic jewelry. Victoria ADORES waxing poetic. He knew he wanted the piece to say something special but (like most men) he couldn’t figure out what. With some encouragement and a few suggestions, he decided that Dylan’s monogram and “I love you” written in Dutch, to honor Victoria’s heritage, would be the most loving sentiment. It made her first Mother’s day very memorable.

Dylan arrived on a warm afternoon in early July and was quickly swaddled in love and kisses, very strong and making squishy faces. Reminding us how beautiful life is. I love that I was able to capture a tiny moment in time, of my dear friend getting ready to greet her son and feel I privileged that she cherishes this photo because it captures two things she holds precious in life.

Staff Favorites: Cath

One of the most heart flipping things, ever, is delving into the process of creating my own charm combination… something extra special to carry with me, close to my heart, as I move through my days.  A single charm dangling from a simple chain is lovely.  But a cluster of stunning treasures…that’s even better.

I’m totally digging The Remedy in a Bottle Pendants. The Peace Potion remedy comes in handy on days when I’ve read too much of the news and my brain starts to hurt.  The lovely and delicate contour of the bottle has my fingers playing with it every now and again, bringing an additional dose of peace and calm.   These luminous retired Hand Pendants are like little offerings.  I chose “Life” for that extra vibrancy and, well, aliveness, an especially helpful reminder on days when I haven’t yet had my coffee.  And the Tonic Tags (in “Love”) and Tonic Charms (Heart symbol) are beautifully subtle, yet amazingly impacting love treasures.  All clustered perfectly on a Healing Gems Chain.

I’ll accept all the extra love and peace I can get.

Staff Favorites: Danielle

For my necklace, I have chosen to combine simple pieces that when added together provide subtle hints into my personality. I love the 18” Medium Rolo Chain, because it has a classic look that matches with absolutely everything!  The three charms that I often pair with the chain are the Swallow Silhouette Portrait Charm, the Rose Gold Free Form Charm, and a Baby Insignia Charm in the letter “D.” The Swallow Silhouette Portrait Charm represents my free spirited personality.  My friends are always joking that I have my head in the clouds, so what better way to show that than adorning a bird around my neck?  The rose gold color of my Free Form Charm is one of my favorites and I love how simple and elegant this piece looks on my necklace. I am always visually drawn to the whimsical feel of my Baby Insignia Charm and think it adds a timeless look to the combination of pieces.  With this necklace, I have been able to create my own personal story through jewelry and that is exactly what Waxing Poetic is all about!

Staff Favorites: Breanna

My favorite necklace combination from Waxing Poetic is the Cross Friendship Seal Pendant and Wing & Prayer Buddha Charm paired with the Twisted Link Brass Chain.  I love this particular chain because it brings out the detailed handwork on the charms, while adding distinct character to the overall look of the necklace. I prefer to wear both pieces of the Cross Friendship Seal Pendant together, since they fall hand in hand and look very unique next to one another. The versatility of this piece amazes me.  It can be viewed as either a cross or a clover, although I personally see it as a four leaf clover and feel good luck following me every day that I have it on.  I have also recently added the Wing & Prayer Buddha Charm to my collection. The term Buddha means “Awakened” and I feel that each day that I am alive, I am opening myself up to a new risk or a new adventure.

I am a spiritual and semi-superstitious person and believe that a person can have one specific token in life that will provide a feeling of comfort and positive energy. This necklace is my life token.  When wearing the Cross Friendship Seal Pendant and Wing & Prayer Buddha Charm, I feel positive energy surrounding me!

Staff Favorites: Dana

The first piece of Waxing Poetic Jewelry that I purchased was the Love Spirit Stamp Pendant. It is such a simple design that has so much meaning.  Everyone has a story and everyone has beliefs.  Both of which, for me, come down to one word: Love.  This charm exemplifies who I am, where I’ve been, and where I want to go. On a silver 24” Long Rolo Chain, alongside my Spirit Stamp Pendant, hangs a silver Mother of Pearl letter “D” charm.  I love this particular chain, because it’s so unique, and the length is absolutely perfect and I absolutely adore the Mother of Pearl Monogram charm.  It is a reminder to me that beauty can be discovered in the most unexpected of places.

Staff Favorites: Tracy

Hi! My name is Tracy and I am a Customer Service Representative in the Wholesale Division of Waxing Poetic.  I think the only tough thing about my Waxing Poetic Jewelry, is trying to decide which pieces to wear because I love them all! I have bracelets, chains with charms, earrings and rings.

The first piece that I decided I needed from the Collection was the 18" Medium Rolo Chain with the Heart Shaped World Wing and a Prayer Charm, along with a Round Insignia Charm in the letter “T”.  The Heart Shaped World charm helps remind me that our world is a place that needs to be cherished and where people need to be loved.

Another piece of jewelry that I love are my silver Free Form Hoop Earrings.  They must be the most comfortable earrings I have ever owned! Since I am on the phone all day addressing customer’s needs and concerns, I needed an earring that did not get in the way or get tangled in my long hair and looks good at the same time. The hoop earring does just that!

Another piece of jewelry that I am really happy about are my bracelets. I have the Silver Rolo Round Charm Bracelet with the Round Insignia Charm in the letter “T” and the Baby Insignia Bracelet with the letter “P”, which I am proud to say represents my maiden name.  I wear the two bracelets together every day.  They are so comfortable and even though I spend all day at the computer with my wrists resting on my desk, they are never in the way.

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know this amazing line of jewelry.  The opportunity to design your own personal look is so fun and allows you to bring out your creative side for a great look every day.

Staff Favorites: Chelsey

When I first started working at Waxing, I NEVER would have mixed metals.  I liked silver and only silver…I am opening up to this idea of Patti’s, encouraging people to mix their metals.  Today, I choose to represent myself and a loved one with the Silver Mother of Pearl Monogram Charm. I love its dainty, feminine characteristics combined with the bold Silver Square Insignia Charm, the Wing & Prayer Flaming Heart Charm along with the Brass Mother Of Pearl Charm, and for my birthday, the August Peridot Birth Ornament Charm...perfectly strung on my favorite 18" Rolo Chain, keeping them all close to my heart.  Since I have become such a fan of mixing metals, they compliment my random assortment of charms perfectly, and because I love the sayings on our Fragment Bangles, I layer the Silver "Love Struck. Star Struck. Moon Struck," the Brass "Give More Than A Damn," and the Silver "Say Yes More Often."  I love how you can put together a different ensemble everyday to reflect how you are feeling, to remember a loved one, or just to tell it like it is!

Share With Us & Add to Your Collection!

We absolutely love when customers tell us about their favorite combination of Waxing Poetic jewelry explaining in detail what each charm means, who they represent, and how they've added to it over the years, etc.  It's one of the best parts for us...the stories, the memory, the love.  We have a hunch that you too will also enjoy these stories of inspiration and style.  So to encourage sharing within our Waxing Poetic family, we're asking you to tell us about your favorite combination and one lucky Waxing Poetic wearer will win a brand-new combination pictured above!

Here's how it works:

1.  Visit our Facebook page and click Like
2.  Upload a photo of your favorite combination of Waxing Poetic jewelry to our Facebook Wall.  Tag yourself in the photo and in the photo caption area tell us why you chose your unique collection of charms and how it tells a story that is meaningful to you.
3.  From the photos uploaded, we'll randomly select a winner who will receive a new combination pictured above (Flat Cable Chain Necklace with a Square Insignia Charm & Pastimes Charm--both charms in your choice of style)!
4.  To be entered to win post your photos by noon on Friday, September 24th.  The winner will then be selected and announced on Facebook at 1 pm on Friday, September 24th.

--Each photo posted to Waxing Poetic's Facebook Wall between 9 am on Monday, September 20th and noon on Friday, September 24th will count as one entry.
--You may post more than one photo, but each photo must be of a unique combination of Waxing Poetic jewelry.
--Remember to tag yourself in the photo and tell us which pieces you're wearing and what it means to you in the caption.

We can't wait to hear your stories!  Everything good is better shared.

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