Musings From Our Lead Designer On Our Latest Product Release

by Lead Designer, Stephanie Kheder


Essence of Life Rumi Pendant, Essence of Life Choker, Essence of Life Bangle, Moon Daisy Pendant

This summer’s new product release evokes transformation and renewed energy through an awakening. Bridging our storied roots into a more contemporary and trend forward direction (and still keepsake) has inspired pieces that illuminate the freedom that change brings. The addition of more stones and components represents this both conceptually with light and reflection but also elevates the tone of the jewelry and literally brings in pops of shine and color. We love the metallic vibe and the edge that pyrite brings, and conversely the softness of smoky and milky crystal and pearl. Also the combined doublets, the webbing and imperfections within stones, like in the Stellare Signature Stones, or the lunar surface of an irregular pearl reminds us that we are conglomerations of reinvention…we are not perfect and many stories combine to make us into who we are.

Some notable pieces in this offering are all of the moons that mark bright renewal: the Moon Daisy Pendant, the Archer Moon Pendant, and the Eveningstar Pendant. The Essence of Life thorn collection also represents the beauty and rarity that comes through contrast. The collection was inspired by the Rumi quote "The rose’s rarest essence lives in the thorns." It is featured on the back of the Rumi Pendant which was the first piece we designed in this group and the rest of the collection unfolded from this. The choker and the bangle are our favorite picks not only from the Essence of Life collection, but everyone loves these most from the entire release.

Other notable pieces not to be missed... The Custom Intertwined Initials Ring and Custom Liber Ring, the Solvere Collection, namely the Solvere Pendant and Solvere Large Heart Cuff.


Solvere Pendant, Solvere Large Heart Cuff


by Lead Product Designer Stephanie Kheder

A fresh spring season is here, and it’s time to break out and embrace the next evolution of art and poetry that surrounds us in a new bloom of abundance. After a softer and more romantic nostalgic wash of past colors and vibes, trends are now rejoicing in bolder lines and colors, and plays on iconography paired with exaggerated natural elements.

Themes of geometrics and repeating patterns contrast with florals and foliage that can be either very precious, like rough crystallized or striated stones, or graphic like a faceted cut stone. Stone trends are currently focused on iridescent and metallic tones, like pyrite, labradorite, opals, moonstones, quartz, and layered doublets that bring dreamy natural colors to read bright and fresh. It’s like mixing materials and tones to create a new painting.

Pantone’s Spring 2015 colors, En Plein Air, show us a scenic and painterly direction for next trends leading into fall. Colors are already becoming more grounded and saturated, covering a wider spectrum of nature that feels more tangible. The look is a sunset gradation with cooler blues; ombre and rainbow effects are colorized, but not too boldly or saturated.
The boldest elements of spring trends are through novelty patterns and icons. We will see lots of classic symbols oversized and repeated with an over emphasis in an illustrated way in fashion.

This year we can look forward to an innovative vibe of growth and stepping out with a new tone through an artful form. Expression is held in more outward proportions that are softened with natural elements that evoke a feeling within.

Notable Pieces…

Personal Vocabulary

Novelty iconography
Hearts Content – Metallic contrast
28” The Answer Chains Longer look with natural stones
Freedom and Everlasting Faith Cross PendantsLarge symbol
Anchora - Bold asymmetry
Stellare & Melange - Nature next to geometry, painterly stones with Spring colors
In Season, Natural Beauties, Bees, Hummingbird, DragonflyFor their stones, nature and floral references, warm tones, and symbols of growth
Pippin Chains Metallic and natural vibe

Our first love, seen with new eyes.

Introducing the Century Insignia.

When a classic is updated, it is not really to improve upon, but to honor a design that has stood the test of time. So, new for this spring, we bring you the Century Insignia, a brass accented version of our beloved sterling silver Square Insignia, first introduced in 2001.

century insignia

Century insignia shown on medium rolo chain

Initials are the life giving sap that runs through our family tree here at Waxing Poetic. Meant for everyday, delicious and sticky (meaning, we never take them off!). And we can't imagine life without them. These initials are truly felt and gifted as much today as they have been since we started, and have always been considered one of our beloved "must-have" pieces.square insigniaThe original Square Insignia, always in our hearts The original idea of the Square Insignia was not about sparkle, it was about "spark:" the notion of celebrating our imperfections, and each other. It gave us permission to go deeper into what was waiting to be revealed.. to trust our values of authenticity, artfulness, old-school methods, communication and poetic exploration with as much abandon as we were brave enough to bring to the craft of jewelry making and the process of building something lasting.So, we return once again to our old, wise friend, and pick up where we left off, in an entirely new conversation. Cast and finished by hand, deceptively simple but ever more intricate as time goes on. Just as a good friendship should be.Century insignias Like the "O" in Once Upon a Time... only, this time, your detailsThere may still be time to score one of the original Square Insignias before they are gone, so if you are interested, check here. Or explore the new Century Insignia or all our Insignias.

Learning to fly, lightly

Introducing our newest winged wonder,
the Fly Lightly Hummingbird

Inspired by the energy, lightness of being, joy and sense of presence that they bring into
our world, our new Hummingbird pendant is a whimsical focal piece bearing a reminder
to "Fly Lightly" through Before our Fly Lightly Hummingbird lands on Jan 27th, you can visit our other winged wonders.bee-brave-charms dragonfly-pendant

A Valentine's wish list: Our editors present countless ways to say "I love you."

We gathered some of our most requested, pined-for, and heartfelt gift ideas to give and (wink wink) to receive for Valentine's pendant much love pendant lux vitae love renewable love pendant circle of love pendant ever tied heart charm double heart charm transformative love pendant

Fashion and Trend Advice from Lead Designer Stephanie - #3


Group Same Styles

Anytime a lot of the same something is gathered together it gives a high impact statement around a theme. Imagine an entire wall filled with framed family photographs. Seeing everything together creates a themed look, tells a history at a close-up aspect, and creates visual patterns standing aback. Collections of the same style can be a theme, like all insignias, or all crosses, or everything the same metal, etc. Or, they might be all the same style by design like a collection of matching pieces from earrings to necklaces, bracelets and rings. Consider a collection of all the same insignia versus a collection of all different insignias.everlasting cross collection, waxing poetic, shop

Fashion and Trend Advice from Lead Designer Stephanie #2

Stack to Create Lengths

It is very impressionistic to create a bold look that is rich in textures and details. A way to do this is by stacking thin pieces like narrow rings and bangles, worn many at a time reaching past the wrists and filling fingers. Around the neck, stacking a range of lengths or doubling a long chain creates thinner layers that drape and feel elongating. To exaggerate the style, mix a very short length with a very long length. Stacks of carriers still give a layered and textured look regardless of how many charms are incorporated. When layering charms themselves, the same idea applies where pieces look best mixed in a range of shapes and sizes, triangulated with longer foundation pieces toward the center and smaller charms on the sides. Or, on the arms with heavier charms closer to the wrists and lighter charms higher up the arm when multiple bracelets are stacked.bangles stacked, waxing poetic

Fashion and Trend Advice from Lead Designer Stephanie #1

Personal Layers

A personal collection can simply be the layers of charms on a single chain or bracelet, any way you wear it, alone or with many other necklaces or bracelets. This collection commemorates our life’s journey and has the deepest meaning. It is worn to remind and lives with any look because it is about all the little pieces that come together to represent something more intimate. Lighter bangles are perfect for collecting souvenirs of travel, celebrations or gifting to a collector. For more substantial collections, a classic heavier chain or clips are suitable to hold a significant group of charms and pendants.stack layers, layering, waxing poetic, necklaces


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