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We’re seeing the fall trends taking shape, in fashion we are seeing bold color pallets, cozy furs and chunky knits and modernized vintage silhouettes. So - how does this translate into Waxing Poetic jewelry? For the bright color pop, add a colorful chain like the Answer Chains, a Foundation Stone or a Tiny Light to compliment your furs and chunky knits, we like layered necklaces of varying lengths and styles. To bring in added texture and dimension try a Transformative Dragonfly pendant or charm; anything in Pyrite will enhance and add glimmer, or a large medallion style pendant like the Circle of Love Pendant. The modernized, retro silhouettes are complimented by Lux Vitae Abundance charms, adding a sparkle with Kristal Crystals, Preptasic Voyage charms, and the precious darling charms, are classic styles and reminiscent of 1960’s culture and fashion.8-19 9-19-2 9-19-3

Carry Your Memories Close, Wherever Life Takes You (in this case off to College)


As you embark on this newest chapter of your life (or perhaps, it’s your daughter, niece, granddaughter, or sister who is embarking on a journey) there is bound to be a little yearning for the creature comforts of home and the familiarity of your old room, mom’s home cooking and the hall way lined with family photos, your friends calling from the window and all the memories in between. At Waxing Poetic, these are the things that inspire us and drive us to create meaningful pieces that can be carried with you through out your entire life. Consider a reminder: the camp charm that reminds you of a pet at home, or a trophy in your room. Add an insignia of your bff, a talisman of courage to follow your dreams, be fearless and keep faith. Some inspiration for your college memory markers…

Gather gift ideas for taking memories of home with your (wherever you go)

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What's Hot - Layered Looks

layered look, moonglow necklace, favorite muse

Curating your story into a necklace is a fun, thoughtful process. Imagine your most cherished moments, the hearts you behold, beloved memories and the reminders you want to keep with you always. Here are some lovely and iconic ideas to inspire you.

Explore all the many ways you can style and wear your treasured Waxing Poetic pieces. The possibilities (much like you) are e n d l e s s…

Explore more options and new pieces to incorporate into your collection

The History of Charms

We love history as much as we love art. Your personal history, along with ancient history is inspirational. So for fun: A little history lesson that we find completely's story bracelet

Charms have been enchanting humans since prehistoric times. Frequently referred to as amulets or talisman, the wearing of charms has been associated with magic, mystique, protection, spirituality, faith, love and wealth.

As early as the stone age, people began making jewelry from clay, animal bones and shells to use as objects of adornment. Different cultures came of age at different times throughout history, in Africa, there is evidence that as early as 75,000 years ago early stone-age man used shells as adornments. In a cave in southwestern Germany, tiny intricately carved ivory figurines made of mammoth tusks were found dating back 30,000 years.

During the Bronze Age, the jewelry making process became more sophisticated and intricate along with the materials used. Early charms were made of lapis lazuli, rock crystal, and other semiprecious gems and were inscribed with small designs associated with special powers or meanings. Different civilizations including the Babylonians, Assyrians, and Persians made and wore charms. The Babylonians are believed to be the first people to wear charms on a bracelet around 700 BC.

Egyptians started using charms as early as 3000 BC. They used charms to ward off evil spirits, protect loved ones in the afterlife, enhance fertility, and assure prosperity. As master goldsmiths they were the first to develop the ability to cast gold, using the lost-wax technique which many modern jewelry manufacturers still use today.

Leading up to the industrial revolution, charms were custom-made pieces of jewelry. Affluent citizens had the means to acquire and commission these pieces.

The introduction of the machine age provided the technology to mine precious metals and mass-produce them into affordable jewelry for the growing middle class, both in Europe and the United States.

Queen Victoria further popularized charm bracelets in the 1800’s by wearing small lockets containing family portraits and locks of hair of her beloved husband, Prince Albert.
Charm bracelets reached the heights of popularity in the United States after World War II. American soldiers returned home with souvenir charms from the cities they had liberated. Jewelers soon added charms of various metals, styles, and occasions to their lines. Today, charms are as popular as ever. People continue to use charms and charm bracelets to tell the story of their life, whether it be a simple heart charm worn around the neck or charm bracelet filled with tiny treasures.

Quite often, charm bracelets are given from mother to daughter, either as a new gift or passing it on as a family heirloom, continuing the tradition of charm collecting from generation to generation. All of this information was sourced from the world wide web,

From Our Poet: Love Wing Locket

Lovewing butterfly locket, shop waxing poeticBrave Hearts, you too
Warriors, princes, pilgrims, poets, mamas, mystics
And ALL the unspecified heroic other
Who Teach
Who Listen
Who Heal
Who Care
Who Know
Who want us to know more
Courageous darlings
We need to remind ourselves of something
There is no too little that cannot win a race against too late
Act. Love. Give. Listen. Share. Cherish. Praise. Comfort. Grow. Change. Become…
and choose beauty.
Find the Locket that fits your style

Notes from the Designer

notable styles, summer combos

Summer skies and heat set the stage for memories in the making, with friends and family all around. This is when we take time from the blessing of longer days to indulge in the sunshine and sights that take us to a place of feeling free and honoring the gift of loved ones. These breaks in time remind us of the importance to get out from the typical routine, loosen up a bit, and expand our experiences. Trends for summer celebrate fresh themes with mint and rose tones, fruits, and lots of texture symbolizing nature and growth from new beginnings.

More structured shapes and icons like tags and anchors pair well with natural looks to bring a contemporary contrast to natural elements and textures. Geometry, like angled edges in typography and patterns like polka-dots feel seasonal and set a tone to compliment organic styles.

Messaged themes also fit summer trends for a more literal expression of a feeling or place; for instance, a state charm or personalized piece that is a direct reference to a journey.

Notable Styles

    • Tropical Prints; Mint with Hints of Rose:
      Chocolate Gold Ball Bracelet, Pacific Opal or Vintage Rose Lux Vitae Life Charm, In Season Collection.
      Pair with:
      Moon Glow Necklace, Rose Gold Baby Ball Chain, Tag Insignia, The Answer Amazonite Chain.

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What’s hot: Planetary Traits Birthday Gifts

planetary traits cuffs, shop waxing poetic, waxing poetic

Inspired by astrological signs, the characteristic traits of each and the notion that you may not identify with just one of these, but many of them (sometimes, or all at once), these cuffs have been on our hot gift list since they were released. Some find that the month intended for them doesn’t fit their personality (and that’s ok!)… we encourage you to wear and gift as you wish. We have many facets, and we believe a good gift notices these. We created this beautiful, simple, cuff for just that purpose.

From our Poet

ongoing ballad bracelet, charms, insigniasStart something. Or keep it going.
The little way leads to wonder, remember?
In fairytales, in life…
The tiny pieces matter much. Small doors open wide worlds.
Yes yes yes.

Shop our Ongoing Ballad Bracelet

Life’s Inspirations Help Us Create our Transformative Dragonfly Pendant

Transformational and rooted themes like flowers and trees, blooming fruits and winged insects, bring a natural and nostalgic contrast to a story that personalizes a feeling. They can evoke memories and mark a symbol or a souvenir to an experience. The Dragonfly represents change in almost every part of the world. A symbol in the perspective of self-realization, maturity and defeat of self-created illusions as well as a focus on living IN the present moment and opening ones eyes to the world around them.transformative dragonfly, twisted link chain, styleFind your Transformative Dragonfly here.


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