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This is the time of year that we think of our graduates. And then, we think of words. Milestone comes to mind. Milestone is a funny term. By definition, a milestone is a marker for a distance traveled; a juncture point; a small object made to recall a big spectacle – not a stand-in as much as a stand-on-its-own-even-if-it-is-very-tiny; arguably a whole world in a little word – or in our case, a charm; a letter; a seal; a lavaliere.

We know that everything you do in life is just as much part of the big pieces as it is part of the in-betweens. We care as much for the momentary as we do for the monumental, and believe that sometimes (more often than not), they’re actually part of the same thing, if not the thing itself.

College. Learning How to Be an Adult. Adventure… It is a monumental time full of momentary memories, and a new beginning. Here are our favorite gift ideas for the beloved college graduates that are dear to our hearts.

Leather Bracelet Stack

Gifts for the wrist serve as constant reminders. One is great, two or three give even more options. All are special!graduation-leather-braceletsHarmonius Cuff
Deeply carved iconography and messaging of faith and love reflects paths and connections. An infinity sign reads “Believe”, “Make a Wish” marks a quill, and a cross with a centered heart reads “Love is Faith”. Sterling silver rivets bring each icon together on a band of metallic bronze leather.

Axiom Leather Band
Transformative messaging is etched into brass plaques with sterling silver iconography and rivet details, mounted to narrow saddle tone leather lacing with a lobster clasp closure. Gift and wear as a reminder of faith, truth, and self; inspiring change from within.

Proclaimable Cuff
Detailed with dovetails and delicate ripples, etched brass banners appear to be held into the metallic leather bands by sterling silver pins. This stackable style is filled with messages of affirmation and inspiration.

Collector Charm Catcher Combo

Our Collector Charm Catcher is the framework for a tale that will unfold in the years to come. Start it off with some personal pieces, like an insignia, a pastime and a guiding word.graduation-combo-life Sweet Missive
Delicate flat brass plates etched with messaging and capped with carved raised sterling frames and icons feel like miniature scrolls or plaques. Iconography includes laurel (Adored), decorative frames (Blessed and Cherished), a bow (Grateful) or squirrel (Live True).

Square Insignia
This traditional style stamped seal with bold uppercase lettering and an ornate background is both historically classic, and special to the Waxing Poetic line, as a Signature charm first introduced in 2002.

Delighted States of America
Simple brass wax seals feature a carved silver icon symbolic of each state and the backside etched with messaging that strikes a cultural chord for that state. Each shares a bale with an accompanying tiny sterling silver star dangle etched with the state abbreviation.

Vital Spark
The body of these ovals is a carved dimensional rayburst backing a guiding icon; each featuring a Silver Shade Kristal crystal focal.  They evoke a centered grounded talisman that lights the way and marks faith, journey, love, family, honor, and friendship. 

Poetry on a Chain - Blessing on a Chain

A great choice for the understated graduate, this is a lovely gift of potential.graduation-poetry-on-chainDestiny
Swift and brilliant. Heroines at heart know this implicitly (and you do too), but this wish is here to remind you: glorious adventures are never where you plan them to be but always at the right time and ready to evolve and enjoy.

Circle of Love Combo

It’s so much more than just four years. This gift marks this threshold year, and the beginning of a new cycle of Life, one that is filled with love, learning and new adventures.graduation-combo-circle-love2014 Roman Seal
Mark time or a milestone with a classic stacked roman numeral impressed seal of this year, MMXIV.

Circle of Love Pendant
Concentric carved messaging carries across a mixed metal brass with sterling silver body, reading “Keep Give Be Learn Change Grow Share Love” in an angled medallion form. The swivel bale twists to show a brass back side patterned with sterling silver hearts, each individually soldered in place.


Sometimes, a word can mean so, so much more. Our popular Scribbler necklaces leave room for interpretation, daily.graduation-scribblers Believe, Love & Wish
Brass twisted wire script sentiments hang from handmade twisted wire sterling silver chain.

Get On Board. Join Forces with Awesome. Go (a little) Rogue. Shop This Look.

While warmer weather traditionally calls for “soft” (colors, fabrics, textures, etc.), this Spring seems to be a little bolder, a little more raw, and a lot more adventurous. Which we love. And have some suggestions for celebrating this…and thus enacting some rocker/deconstructed prettiness into your overall look.

Mixed metals are huge. Interweaving materials, unexpected textures, and sweet-but-saucy details are huge. Innovation, adventure, and gorgeousness are also huge (both in Spring 2011 and in the Waxing Poetic creative nexus at large), and so we say, to you, what better place to jump on board than with something small but potent? To that end --may we suggest the following – the  Fleur De Lis Wing & A Prayer Ring and the XOX Camp Bracelet.

With the Wing & A Prayer Ring, we’ve pulled symbolic imagery (the Fleur de Lis) from French heraldry, and mixed it up with a hi/low metal duo of rich brass and sterling silver.  For material-mixing fans (beyond just that of metals), we love the Camp Bracelet – youthful, insouciant, and a forever flirt – especially with the XOX brass plate just waiting to sit atop your wrist.

We love mashups, remixes, and reinterpretation of (almost) any kind, so we’re beyond giddy over this style season, and hope its influence will continue in the months ahead (because, face it, mixing things up is almost ALWAYS a good idea, in some sense or another). So join the adventure, and make this look your own by mixing and matching the Waxing Poetic Fleur De Lis Wing & A Prayer Ring with the Waxing Poetic XOX Camp Bracelet.


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