Bowling off steam with the WP staff

A few nights ago, our staff (and significant others) boarded a wine country bus (stocked with lots of cheer) and sang our way down the coast to our company bowling party for a much needed competitive decompressing after a super busy season.  And bowl we did.  Not to mention lots of toasting, eating, and all-in-all general merry-making. We have some TALENT in our midst.   Dylan (shipping) and Janelle (retail) were voted  Most Improved, and Most Likely to Eat a Plate of Fries in Under Three Minutes. It had been so long since any of us had been bowling, and we had such an amazing time partying and getting to know one another even better than we do already.  God Bless the bowling ball, and all things great and small.  And Merry Christmas to All.

Fun & Fashionable in Women's Health Magazine

Fun & Fashionable in Women's Health Magazine

The December issue of Women’s Health Magazine features actress Michelle Monaghan, best known for her leading role in the blockbuster hit Gone Baby Gone, looking casually chic in Waxing Poetic jewelry.  She pairs the Free Form Wood Bracelet, the Mother of Pearl Bracelet and the Free Form Pearl Bracelet together to create a fun, flirty, bohemian look.Fun & Fashionable in Women's Health MagazineFun & Fashionable in Women's Health MagazineThe editors at Women’s Health Magazine did a phenomenal job creating a classic winter style by embellishing chunky knits and winter grays with our iconic Waxing Poetic Crest Insignia Ring and fierce Waxing Poetic Ex Toto Corde Necklace.

Introducing Epilogue

What comes next?
The great beginning after the story ends… a loophole for a sequel, if you will.
This, darlings, is an invitation to keep going – and so we invite you, please:
take these retired characters, objects, icons, ingredients and create something unanticipated,
but equally (or more) important.  Keep living, and doing, and sharing the story:
because in doing so, you help rewrite the world.

We're pleased to unveil, Epilogue where you will discover some of our favorite retired pieces.  If you are a Waxing Poetic collector or looking for a perfect holiday gift for your special someone, be sure to check out Epilogue soon as these items are available in limited quantities and will not last long!

A Wonderous Place to Wander for Treasures

J. Woeste, our favorite place for wandering, is right across the street from our boutique and offices in Los Olivos. This unique gift and garden shop offers treasures for the home and garden that we just love and know you will too! Jefferson, the owner and purveyor of the most charming succulent arrangements, is a good friend to all of us here at Waxing Poetic and has a keen eye for the most marvelous things.  The cooing of doves and a coop of chickens is part of the whole experience here (we’re in the country after all!), as is the well placed statuary and seasonal displays.  Each new season, many of us find ourselves across the street, buying this-and-that to feather our nests.

A friend of ours recently gifted the over sized garden chimes (that ring the deepest, most resonant tones) to a newly married couple, which we just love.  There are so many unique things at J. Woeste!  And the shop is green in more ways than the plants . . . cardboard boxes and newspaper are re-purposed into the most humbly-chic gift packaging.  Simple and stunning.   We always send our guests over to Jefferson’s place and know he will have the perfect treasure to mark their visits!

It's beginning to feel a lot like...

Olde Fashioned Christmas ingenuity is running high in our amazingly charming jewel of a town, in preparation for this magical evening. Waxing Poetic's creative team (a.k.a. - all of us!) is crafting a wonderland of our very own (and some sweet surprises for the kiddies!).

Staff Favorites: Dana

The first piece of Waxing Poetic Jewelry that I purchased was the Love Spirit Stamp Pendant. It is such a simple design that has so much meaning.  Everyone has a story and everyone has beliefs.  Both of which, for me, come down to one word: Love.  This charm exemplifies who I am, where I’ve been, and where I want to go. On a silver 24” Long Rolo Chain, alongside my Spirit Stamp Pendant, hangs a silver Mother of Pearl letter “D” charm.  I love this particular chain, because it’s so unique, and the length is absolutely perfect and I absolutely adore the Mother of Pearl Monogram charm.  It is a reminder to me that beauty can be discovered in the most unexpected of places.

Waxing Poetic Flourishing in Vanity Fair Italy

Vanity Fair Italy features model Chanel Iman looking fierce and fabulous in striking fashion for this Fall season. Iman is featured wearing Waxing Poetic Flip Flourish Pendants to give this chic suede look a distinctive and cool vibe.

Featured Retailer: La Chique Maison in Galliano, LA

Each of our retailers possesses distinctive individual charm, spreading the personal touch of Waxing Poetic in their local communities every day. As a token of our gratitude to our retailers and because we think you’ll love them as much as we do, we will be featuring one retailer each month here on Proof.  We’re delighted to introduce La Chique Maison from Galliano, Louisiana as our November retailer! Welcome La Chique Maison!  We are so excited to learn more about your store and customers. We are so grateful for the success that you have had with the Waxing Poetic Line! Here are some highlights from our recent chat with La Chique Maison:

Why Waxing Poetic? La Chique Maison is located in the heart of the oil spill related area. At the time of our first Waxing Poetic purchase, we were uncertain whether or not our business could sustain the economic downfall generated by the oil spill disaster and subsequent moratorium.  Despite the odds, we took a leap of faith and threw our heart into Waxing Poetic Jewelry (our first jewelry line).  Within 30 days, the Waxing Poetic line took over our store and became our top selling item!

What are your favorite collections? We absolutely love the entire collection of Wing and a Prayer Charms.

What are your favorite pieces? The Medium Rolo Chain with the Antique Brass & Baby Insignia Charms (Silver) are our favorites.

What are your customers’ favorite collections? The customers all seem to love the Wing and a Prayer Charms and the Square Insignia Charms.

What are your customers’ favorite pieces? The Wing and a Prayer Fleur De Lis Charm, Ring and Earrings and the Large and Medium Rolo Chains are some of our best selling items.

What do you like most about the Waxing Poetic Line? The great quality, uniqueness and creativity of each and every piece.

Thank you so much for taking the time to join us today!

Please be sure to visit La Chique Maison at 18210 West Main Street, Suite 2, Galliano, LA  70354, on Facebook and online. You can also give them a ring at (877) 507-7884.

Spooky Soiree Under the Waxing Moon

Our recent Halloween party at our flagship boutique in Los Olivos was a huge success. Thank you to everyone from our Waxing Poetic family who was able to attend and share in this fun event with us!

Our boutique was eerily decorated for the freaky festivities with cobwebs, black pumpkins and even a graveyard.

To celebrate the Harvest Season, we encouraged all our guests to complete a “Harvest Map” to assess what they have accomplished last year and to identify which new “seeds” they want to sow in the year to come! We drank some hair-raising cocktails and enjoyed some tasty treats . . . We also had an “aura” photographer interpret our guests' auric colors to offer insight on their "true colors" and how those colors reveal unique personality traits. Thank you to everyone who attended and Happy Halloween!

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