Let’s Hold Hands

Two years ago when we were designing the 2009 collection, many of us needed a little extra Faith to hold on to. With a passion for sacred objects, Patti felt compelled to create a charm that held similar meaning to Milagros, which are folk charms believed to have healing properties. The Waxing Poetic version would need to be something traditional that fit the line. Also fit was the concept of a charm for Best Friends—something to be shared. Inspired by one of my favorite pieces of vintage costume jewelry, we made our own version of the classic Victorian hand, with inscribed palms open to give and receive. Healing Hands are tiny reminders we can grasp when Life brings us moments that require a little extra something in our Heart to know we are not alone.

Side Lines Inc.

Each of our retailers possesses distinctive individual charm, spreading the personal touch of Waxing Poetic in their communities every day. As a token of our gratitude to our retailers and because we think you’ll love them as much as we do, we will be featuring one retailer each month here on Proof.  We’re delighted to introduce Side Lines Inc. from Florence, Alabama.

Welcome Side Lines Inc.!  We are so excited to have you here and learn more about your store and customers. We know that your priority is to offer a truly unique jewelry assortment for your customers and are so grateful for the success that you have had with the Waxing Poetic Line. What are your favorite collections? We absolutely love the entire Wing and a Prayer collection.  The Rings, Charms, and Cuffs are all must have items!

What are your favorite pieces? The Wing and a Prayer Sterling Silver and Brass Awareness Charm is our favorite.

What are your customers’ favorite collections? The customers all seem to love the Round and Square Insignia Charms.

What are your customers’ favorite pieces? The Antique Brass Insignia Charms and Baby Insignia Charms seem to be two of our best selling items.

What do you like most about the Waxing Poetic Line? Our customers most like the uniqueness and individuality of the line and always respond well to new pieces.

Thank you so much for taking the time to join us today!

Please be sure to visit Side Lines Inc. at 1611 Darby Drive in Florence, AL, give them a ring at 256-767-0925, or on Facebook and www.sidelinesjewelry.com.

Staff Favorites: Janelle

My favorite Waxing Poetic combination right now is the 30 inch Thin Rolo With Brass Beads Chain paired with the Live True Your Heart is Your Map Pendant and the Mother of Pearl Charm in“J.”  I love how feminine the Mother of Pearl Charm is and the mix of metals gives it a unique feel. It is also fun to wear each item separately or pair with other Waxing Poetic Jewelry. I often pair the brass “J” with an 18 inch Baby Ball Chain or even wear the chain alone to create a simpler, yet still personal piece with an outfit. It is always fun to constantly mix and match charms to express your ever-evolving self.

The Waxing Poetic line gives everyone the capability to create a necklace that no one else has. I also love the different poetic meanings behind each charm. An example of a charm with a deeper meaning is the Your Heart is Your Map Pendant.  The one I chose says Live True, which is a saying I try to incorporate into my life.  This small saying can have many different meanings, but I think of it as stay true to yourself and don't allow someone to change who you are.

Make Your Mark

Waxing Poetic made its mark with iconic insignia jewelry born from classic wax seals, so it was a clear relation to design pendants that represent their contemporary counterpart. Whether distinguishing a personal style or sending an outward message or paying homage to a loved one—how we express ourselves marks a place in time. Even if nothing is permanent 4EVER feels possible, at least in a lifetime.

The Memory Sense

The most pleasurable task of creating our first candle "story" for Waxing Poetic has recently begun, and our offices are awash with all sorts of intoxicating infusions.  Memories of "time and place" smells are surfacing, and we're approaching this project much the same way we do when we make jewelry...What memory will it hold?  What does it conjure?The "Smell" chapter of Diane Ackerman's book, A Natural History of Senses (first read to me in part by Brianna Colburn, one of the contributors to this project) is a most amazing experience.  Did you know that violets contain something which short-circuits our sense of smell? And that it is almost impossible to describe a scent or smell without referring to another smell?  Totally intriguing.

And what of our nature to describe love and experiences with smells?

Almost by accident, I recently opened the most scent-soaked story of human love, the Song of Songs (and versions can always be found with lovely illuminated pages).  After revisiting this, I have been experiencing our own Los Olivos vineyards with an entirely new scent-memory {love}.

How will the candles evolve over time, and be loved?We had the good fortune of opening a 1966 bottle of Chateau Latour the other night, smelling and sipping "The Old Man" with good friends.  If I could recreate the aroma and the LOVE... Leather and graphite and dark, dark currant, concealed and revealed by wonderful age. The group huddled around this still-solid bottle as it revealed its fine bones, enjoying its heirloom light.  This bottle became the campfire of the evening, and the profound scent (and collective admiration) is still with me.

Staff Favorites: Brandy

I  enjoy wearing the Large Rolo Chain with a gold “B” Crest Insignia Charm, along with the Pastime Music Charm and the sterling silver/brass Crown Charm. I like the way the Large Rolo Chain catches the eye. I was never typically attracted to the crown symbol in the past until I saw this one. I love how it’s not overly feminine especially when paired with the Large Rolo Chain, but it still has a slight touch of femininity. The crown, to me symbolizes strength. It also reminds me that I am worthy and deserving of great things. The Pastime Music Charm is very personal to me. My mother’s side of the family is very artistic and musical so growing up it has always been a part of my life that has brought me joy. I like to add the miniature gold “B” Crest Insignia Charm (my initial) for a little pop of color that is a nice contrast with the silver, and also makes the brass in the crown stand out.

I have always been the type of person who wants to wear something that no one else has. My life and moods are ever changing and I show that with the jewelry I wear. Some days I like to wear a simple single charm for a more natural look and other days I go for something bolder. What I love about WP is that you can mix and combine pieces, so the possibilities are endless! It’s always fun for me to see what other people put together because it gives me a little insight into their unique personalities and it’s nice how you can express your individuality through this jewelry. I feel throughout one’s life there are significant lessons, people, and experiences--wearing Waxing Poetic jewelry is a way for me to remember these special moments…

Fan-Fare Gifts

Each of our retailers possesses distinctive individual charm, spreading the personal touch of Waxing Poetic in their communities every day. As a token of our gratitude to our retailers and because we think you’ll love them as much as we do, we will be featuring one retailer each month here on Proof.  We’re delighted to introduce Fan-Fare Gifts in Texarkana, Texas!

Welcome to Fan-Fare Gifts!  We’re so happy to have you here. Have you had a favorite Waxing Poetic customer? I have had two favorite customers so far.  Last year at Christmas Molly Quinn, the daughter in the show Castle visited our store.  She loved Waxing Poetic and bought herself a Camp Bracelet.  It was so much fun having her in the store.  She is a great young lady.  I had to show her off to all of our customers in the store and she was so sweet about it.  That made for an exciting day during the crazy holiday season.  Everyone was excited to have met her.

My second favorite customer is a lady who came in because she had heard about Waxing Poetic at work.  She wanted to get herself a necklace with one initial.  She was so excited to see the whole line.  The next day she came in and bought her three boys’ birthstones.  The following day she came in and bought a Baby Insignia for each son.  The next day she came in and bought another charm to represent her husband.  By the end of the week, she had nine charms on that necklace.  She was so excited!  We thought it was funny that she had so many charms on her necklace and she did too, but she loved it!

What are your favorite collections? We love the Square Insignia Charms, Camp Bracelets, and Storybook Charms.

What are your favorite pieces? Faith Camp Bracelet, Cross Dog Tag Pendant, and Peace Wing & a Prayer Charm

What are your customers’ favorite collections? Round Insignia Charms, Pastime Charms, and Storybook Charms

What are your customers’ favorite pieces? Peace Tonic Charm and Poetic Crosses

What do you like about Waxing Poetic’s designs? Waxing Poetic is for any age group.  There is so much to choose from that every customer can find something that they relate to.

Thank you Fan-Fare Gifts!

Visit Fan-Fare Gifts at 2315 Richmond Rd in Texarkana, TX, on facebook, or give them a ring at 903.832.5196.  The Lone Star State is a long way away?  No worries, find a store near you.

Carrying Dad With Us

A huge thank you to Amber Beckham who was kind enough to share this touching story about how she and her sisters keep the memory of their father close to their hearts by wearing matching Antique Brass Insignia Charms on the Baby Ball Gold Chain Necklaces and allowing us to pass it along to you...

When we were in Florida for our annual trip with my eldest sister's family, Lesli, she, in her most amazing gift giving way, pulled out a present for Briana and I one evening as we sat on the couch. She began to explain that it was "an early Father's Day gift."My heart skipped a beat half in fear and half in excitement thinking that we were celebrating him a month before it was time for that holiday to be here and really, that we were approaching the subject of Father's Day as sisters. It made me happy and sad at the same time.Lesli has an incredible way of finding unique, beautiful, and meaningful gifts. And this time would have to top any others she has pulled out of her hat. We opened small boxes to find an engraved necklace with the letter, "D" on it, for "Dad" and his initials and dates on the back all in gold and silver. It looks like the old fashioned mail seals that you would use to send a letter to someone. But as I write, I think how funny that is...and ironic, that it's a necklace, but it looks like a wax seal. It's like dad is sealed on our hearts as we remember him every day we are alive, not just on Father's Day.What an honor to wear this. I am thinking of dad today in a special way, somewhat sad and contemplative...but I remain nostalgic. I know I can speak for both Briana, Lesli, and our brother Zach that we are carrying dad with us today. Happy Father's Day...We love you, Dad.

Waxing Poetic a Lucky Top 10 New Boutique

Lucky magazine named Waxing Poetic as one of the top ten new boutiques in the country in their August issue Shopping Report.  We are delighted that Lucky editors chose our new boutique tucked in California wine country’s Los Olivos that features hand-carved woodwork, "frescopauge" walls, and of course our signature wax seal inspired jewelry.  Find out more about Lucky's favorite combination--Waxing Poetic Healing Gems Necklace with Baby Block, Storybook Pages, and Monogram Charms--that was featured in the article and pictured above.

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