Goddess Jewelry - Supernaturals Collection

Inspired by the beauty in myths and legends the world over and consists of sweet little sterling silver and brass charms that channel the gifts of the most graceful and fearless goddesses.

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Goddess Jewelry Supernaturals Collection – Designer Bracelets, Bangles, Necklaces and More

Being a modern goddess is all about embracing your inner power to shine no matter what challenges may come your way. There is no one way to be a goddess and as lore and legend shows us, goddesses are admired for their natural beauty, fearlessness, ability to solve challenging problems and their stalwart strength.

Goddess Jewelry by Waxing Poetic is for those times when you want to express your inner goddess attributes. We are providing you with beautiful jewelry you can wear on your own terms. These timeless pieces evoke the ancient legendary goddess of love and the modern-day goddess who lives her truth. Be real. Be fierce. Be a goddess.

Beauty and Love

Cherishing beauty found in the world means appreciating natural beauty in all of its varied forms. Being and feeling beautiful comes from within and this is what makes you shine brightly. Some goddesses are strongly associated with love and you can embrace the love by wearing jewelry featuring hearts. Or, select jewelry that reminds you of the things you love and value most in this world.

Nurturing and Protection

Are you someone who enjoys being loving and nurturing? If so, you are exhibiting one of the traits of a beloved goddess. Being thoughtful, kind and giving in your interactions comes naturally to you. Sometimes you also may feel protective, doing your best to be the protector of the vulnerable. The goddess protector may choose a chain bracelet and populate it with feel-good charms.

Wisdom and Justice

As a wise goddess, many people may see you as a source for good advice and words of wisdom. You embrace knowledge and seek to always live by your truth because it’s gotten you to where you are now. One of our truth pendants can help you express this deeply held value to the world. You may also be a strong believer in justice. The goddess of justice stands tall and knows she has righteousness on her side. Charms and pendants depicting strong leadership and words of wisdom are good ways to represent these goddess values.


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