Inside The Factory – Our Extended Family

Waxing Poetic is a community of beautiful artistry and skilled craftsmanship, one with a familial foundation that extends far beyond heredity. We are a company creating a lineage outside of the box with far reaching global ties. From our home base in charming Carpinteria, California to the tropical and kaleidoscopic villages of Indonesia, Waxing Poetic is founded on a reverence for communal sustainability to further enrich its integral members’ lives as well as the lives of their extended families.

Our factory, based in Bali with additional workshops in Bangil, East Java, is comprised of handicraft, metal smith and office workers of diverse religions and faiths who are offered fair and ethical working conditions.

We operate within a 40 hour work week, and pay more than two times the minimum wage with the option of overtime and double pay for holiday hours. Additionally, we give health and pension benefits, three months of paid maternity leave, sick leave, paid vacation, and bonuses, all fostered within a safe working environment. Our skilled craftspeople are family and community members who often share their income for their families’ schooling and healthful livelihood.

Waxing Poetic believes strongly in enhancing the well being of the earth and her resources. We strive to utilize recycled silver in up to 50% of the material we process in an effort to lessen the impact from mining. We also recycle wax and plaster from the casting process (the plaster is later used by ceramic artists). This innate understanding and respect for the earth is interwoven with our care for the vital craftspeople at the heart of the Waxing Poetic family.

It is the beautiful poetry of this culture that infuses the Waxing Poetic designs with the deeply rooted connection through exquisite handmade artistry. We feel honored and blessed to have such a loving group of people we call our Waxing Poetic family.


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