Moments Like This

My beautiful friends,

As always, all of us at Waxing Poetic are here to help make the beauty of this world more noticed. To celebrate you, each other, and to connect in the miracle of being here together.

Our hearts go out to all who have been affected by the Coronavirus. In moments like this, when unprecedented health and economic threats wage themselves upon us, we are forced to be away from each other to conquer this foe. As in any crisis, where there is threat, there is opportunity. In finding it, our wish is this: health and transformation to all. The kind of transformation that rights the delicate balance of existence, and the kind of health that comes from compassion, kindness, and being there for each other, not just for ourselves.

Our pace has slowed, but we are all still here.

And maybe we are more here than we were before.

The Poetic team is working remotely (as many of us already were) and continuing to receive your orders (which we are grateful for) and ship them with delight (following all best business practices). We know that what is contained in these packages, these pieces, hold deep meaning and potential for soul-bolstering joy.

As a homegrown business, we encourage you to help keep our team busy – our website is accepting your orders, and our customer service team and social team are here for you, whether you need help figuring out an uplifting, inspiring item to send to someone who is isolated, or just share a story.

Please come join us on our social media channels below to stay in conversation with us, and if there is anything you’d like me to talk about there, just let me know. We are in this together, doing for each other… and discovering just how strong we are.

Be safe, stay healthy.

With my love,

Patti Pagliei, Founder and CEO.

**Please note our website provides estimated delivery dates, but cannot be guaranteed. Delays may occur with packages arriving via USPS.

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