The World Kristal Medallion Mist Necklace - 20"

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The World Kristal Medallion on the 20" Mist Necklace

The World Kristal Medallion

A multihued sunrise flecked with dimensional crystals in soft tints of lavender, apricot and mauve conjures the textured brushstrokes of the impressionists. Above a modeled sterling silver seascape, a brass butterfly flies, haloed by ridged silver rays and detailed with a bright crystal. On the reverse, a lyric from esteemed poet and musician Patti Smith reads out against the brass, “The earth is what we’re given, the world is what we make it.” The face of this pendant, so much like a painting, reminds us each of the power in our own hands, as the brush is to the artist. It only takes one illuminated heart to see the world anew, to dispel shadow with color, to transform the world with light. A world more vibrant, more colorful, awaits...THE WORLD of your own making.

Sterling Silver, Brass & Kristal Crystals



Mist Necklace - 20"

Much like the vision on your window after the first whispers of rain, fine droplets of soft opalescence in round and diamond-shaped beads materialize on a tranquil brass link chain, nuanced by intermittent paper clips. Mystical and lyrical, the Mist Necklace echoes the hush of falling water, the sky's breath distilled in trinkets of dew. Dazzling alone, even dreamier with a cloud of pendants and charms.

Brass, Kristal Crystals Pearls & Kristal Crystals Beads

20" | 3.7mm



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